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Heater Repair Services

Stay Warm with our Heating Repair Services

During the winter, a properly running heating system is vital to the comfort of your household. Learn to recognize the signs of furnace or heat pump issues. If your heater fails, give Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services a call for emergency heating repair service. Our heater repair specialists are well versed in all equipment models and will get your heater back up and running in no time.


Contact Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services today at (901) 808-8881 to schedule a heater repair service in the Memphis area.

What Causes A Pilot Light To Go Out?

Your gas furnace pilot light can go out due to a clogged or faulty thermocouple, an inefficiently burning flame, dirt buildup, issues with the gas regulator or even a strong draft. Many furnaces have instructions for re-lighting the pilot light; however, this usually will not solve the underlying problem. A malfunctioning gas furnace could cause carbon monoxide leaks in your home, which could go undetected until it is too late.


Our Heating Repair Service Experts Work with all Models of Heating Systems

No matter which type of HVAC unit you have, Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services will provide you with quality home heating repair service in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas. We have experience working with various types of systems from all brands. From traditional oil furnace repairs and gas furnace repairs to HVAC and heater repair services,  you can count on our professionals to repair whatever heating issues come our way. You do not need to know what kind of unit you have or how long you’ve had it. Once we show up, we can get right to work using tried-and-true repair methods.

The expert team of heater repair specialists at Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services can inspect your furnace to find and fix the real issue at hand.


Heater repair heating repair services in Memphis, TN Aloha Air Conditioning & Heating Services


Signs You May Need A Heater Repair

If the pilot light in the furnace’s combustion chamber goes out, the furnace will not be able to produce heat when you need it. Contact our Memphis heater repair specialists for immediate inspection and repair.


Some Signs That May Indicate You Need A Heater Repair Include:

Uneven temperatures through out your home can be annoying and also can be a sign that your heater may be in need of some repairs and shouldn’t go unchecked. Some of these possible problems could range from badly installed insulation to your ductwork having leaks.

One of the first signs that your heater may need repairs is that your energy bill may be unusually high. This is due to your heater having to work twice as hard with possibly a broken or failing part as well as continue to provide the the same amount of heat to your home. When your unit has to work extra hard like that, it’s going to reflect in your energy bill.

It’s completely common to hear heaters and furnaces make some noise as they are turning on. Make sure to pay attention for any loud bangs, clangs or even screeching as these can be parts that are failing. A screeching noise could be a belt that is going bad and a bang or clang could be the motor failing. Give our expert Memphis heater repair team a call today.

In some instances, a malfunctioning furnace could be due to a broken thermostat. If this is the case, Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services can quickly and easily help you find a new thermostat to communicate to your furnace effectively.


Common Heat Pump Problems

Intermittent heat and strange noises are signs your heat pump needs repair. Outdoor heat pumps can accumulate ice or frost if the defroster is not working, which can interfere with heating capabilities. Blocked ducts or clogged filters could also cause this problem. Aloha Air knows how to inspect and repair heat pumps to get them back in working order.


Trust The Aloha Air Professionals

Since 2003, we have been delivering reliable, quality heater repair in Memphis and Germantown communities. We are rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau and our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you believe your heater is experiencing problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Prolonging a heating repair service can result in more extensive and expensive repairs in the future.


Don’t get left out in the cold! Contact Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating to service your furnace or heat pump. Call (901) 808-8881 to schedule a heater repair service today.

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