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AC Installation Services

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In Memphis, a quality home air conditioning system is a vital part of staying comfortable through any heatwave. The average air conditioner works by absorbing hot air from a space, which is then cooled and dried by coming into contact with the unit’s refrigerant supply. 

As that happens, the fans in the system blow the cooled air back into your home, lowering the internal temperature no matter how hot it is outside. But there may come the point when your air conditioner stops keeping up with its workload. A new AC installation is a great way to get a cooling system that works better and uses less energy when that happens. 

Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services can perform your AC unit installation, as well as the regular maintenance services that are needed, so that you can enjoy your new AC unit for years to come.

Trust the team with over 40 years of experience. Contact our Memphis Air Conditioning repair specialists today at (901) 808-8881. We also service Germantown.

Signs you Need a New AC Installation

How do you know when it’s time for a central AC installation? It comes down to three key factors: age, strength, and cost of operation. 

You can easily feel it when your air conditioner isn’t properly cooling your home. This condition can be caused by a clog in your ductwork or a failed compressor. There’s also a chance that it’s simply because of the age of the system. A good rule of thumb is that your AC system will naturally lose efficiency if it’s over fifteen years old.

At that point, all kinds of problems can start to develop. It may still be possible to repair these issues as they occur, but eventually, the cost of this constant work will be more than what the unit is worth. Once this point is reached, a central AC installation is the best course of action.

Benefits of an AC Installation

As with any new fixture, there are a lot of benefits that come from an upgraded AC unit installation. It’s certainly a large investment, but you can save money on your monthly utility bill as well as the cost of repairs. These savings are just the beginning of what an AC installation can do for you. 

A new air conditioner is the best that HVAC technology has to offer. It’ll work better than an older model, cooling with more strength while using less energy. Some models even have custom controls that make operating them a breeze. It’s no wonder that a cutting-edge AC installation is enough to greatly improve your home’s resale value.

Your new air conditioner has the potential to last upwards of twenty years. You can make sure that happens as long as you keep up with the kind of care your system needs. If you haven’t been able to properly maintain your last model, you can consider your new AC installation a chance to start fresh and build better habits.

Maintaining Your Central AC Installation

There is a difference between air conditioner tune-ups and AC repairs. When you need a repair, it’s because something has happened that has rendered your unit inoperable. 

With repairs, you have to spend a considerable amount to get your cooling system back in working condition. It’s sometimes necessary to get your air conditioner repaired, but ideally, you don’t want to wait for something to break to get service. 

An AC tune-up is the best way to maintain peak performance for your unit. You should be seeking this kind of service once a year, even if your system seems to be running without a problem. We say this because your air conditioner goes about half the year without being used, and after that long, even the best unit can use a little polishing. 

Most AC installation companies also offer an air conditioner tune-up. This service involves sending a professional to perform several maintenance functions for your AC unit, including: 

Once they finish, you’ll be able to use your air conditioner with full confidence for another hot season. Many AC installation companies can make this happen, but if you’re in Memphis, you’ll find that the best source for AC tune-up is Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services.

Aloha Air Conditioning for Your AC Unit Installation

Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services have been providing HVAC service for homes across Memphis for years. We boast a total customer satisfaction guarantee, and with every job we do, we don’t stop until we know it’s been done right. 

Your air conditioner plays an important part in making your house a home, and we aim to make sure it’s kept in the best condition possible. For your AC installation needs, and the care that comes after it, trust Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services. We’ll give you the service you need today so you can enjoy comfort tomorrow. Contact us online or call 901-808-8881 to schedule an appointment today.

Contact Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services at (901) 808-8881 for speedy service when you need it most. Trust our Memphis AC repair company to deliver high-quality service with no hidden fees.