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AC Maintenance in Memphis, TN

Cooling Specialists With Over 40 years Of Experience

Any homeowner in Memphis knows the way summer days can wind up long, hot and muggy, which is why AC maintenance service is very important. An air conditioner is a tool of relief during the hottest days, and it only makes sense that we should take care of such a vital and valued investment. 

Taking care of your home air conditioning system in Memphis is easy when you have Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services to handle all of your air conditioning maintenance and tune up needs. For more information on services or to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC professionals, contact us online or give us a call today at (901) 808-8881.

AC Unit Maintenance vs. Repair

So you may have heard of home AC maintenance, and you may have heard of providers around Memphis that provide air conditioner repair. Is one process different from the other? Can they be used interchangeably to describe the same thing? To put it simply, they can’t. And for a very good reason. Separating home air conditioner maintenance services from other forms of work calls for a clear distinction. 

When you call for an air conditioner repair, it means that your system can no longer function properly. If you want to avoid things getting to that point, that’s when you call for AC unit maintenance. We encourage every homeowner in the Memphis area to schedule AC unit maintenance twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, even if your unit seems to be working without a problem.

What Happens During AC Maintenance?

AC maintenance is otherwise known as an “AC tune up.” It covers all of the areas necessary to make sure that your unit is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This diagnostic begins with a visual inspection of the system itself, a common beginning to any form of AC unit maintenance. Your technician will remove any debris around the system and replace the air filter, which plays a big part in the functionality of your air conditioner.

From that point on, they’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of your cooling system. This part of the service may include: 

When all of that is done, and assuming no other problems have made themselves apparent, this means that you now can trust your air conditioner and rely on it for another season. When you take care of your air conditioner in Memphis in ways like this, you can rest assured your AC will take care of you and your household in return.

The Value of AC Maintenance Services

Confidence is only one benefit of regular AC maintenance. Nobody likes to have an air conditioner repair catch them by surprise, as it will quickly rack up costs in terms of money, time, and patience. It’s possible to circumvent this issue entirely when you allow a professional to inspect your unit a few times a year. They may find nothing, or they may find a problem in its early stages that they can fix while it’s still minor. Either way, you win! 

AC maintenance will also lengthen the overall lifespan of your cooling system, adding years before you have to think about getting a new one. And in that time, it’ll be running better and more consistently. 

AC breakdowns are still possible in certain cases. You’ll find that most air conditioner warranties require proof of maintenance in order to remain covered. So regular maintenance keeps your warranty valid. That’s one more reason to schedule regular tune-ups. If you’re looking for reliable AC maintenance in Memphis, you’ll find the best provider is Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services!

Finding the Best AC Maintenance in Memphis

You have your choice of HVAC provider in and around Memphis, but we’re willing to wager that few can match the experience and skill set of Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services. We’ve been perfecting and maintaining indoor air systems across Tennessee for over forty years, and in that time, we’ve gotten pretty good at what we do. 

We don’t pretend to predict the weather, but we can help you prepare for it by ensuring your HVAC systems are ready when you need them. Most of the time, we can offer same-day service. So when you need AC maintenance, you can trust Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services to keep things cool and easy. 

For more information on our AC maintenance services or to schedule an appointment, contact us through our website or give us a call at (901) 808-8881. Our HVAC professionals are standing by to assist you.