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Air Purifier Services in Memphis, TN

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Do you ever think about what is in the air you’re breathing inside your home? There is likely an excessive number of unwanted particles, like dust, pollen, and bacteria, that you inhale daily. This pollution means that every time your heating and cooling system runs, these contaminants begin to float through your home. Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating can help improve your indoor air quality by installing home air purifiers to ensure your air is clean and pure.

Not only will our air purifier services reduce the number of contaminants in your home, but they will reduce bacteria and odors that can linger and create unpleasant smells. They can even eliminate mold spores that are floating in the air.

For more information on our services or to schedule air purifier services in Memphis, TN, or the surrounding areas, contact us online or give us a call today at (901) 808-8881.

Air Purifier Services in Memphis, TN Aloha Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Why Install a Home Air Purifier?

Poor indoor air quality can not only cause issues with your health, but it can lead to a higher energy bill. When you use the air purifier services of Aloha Air, you can ensure that the air inside your home is pure. However, clean air isn’t the only benefit.

Other benefits of air purification include:

  • Odor elimination
  • Less dust and pollen buildup
  • Prolonged HVAC lifespan


A member of our well-trained HVAC team can determine whether your home will benefit from an air purification system and discuss the installation process along with the variety of air purifier services we can provide.

How Home Air Purification Systems Work

Single-room air purifiers are easily found at your local home goods store. They are standalone units that will filter out toxins and contaminants and circulate the clean air. However, there’s a downside: these types of units are only equipped to purify the air in one room. A whole-home air purification system operates on the same principle but on a much bigger scale. It will work by attaching to your current HVAC system and circulating clean air through your entire home.

There are several types of air purification systems, and each connects differently. However, all air purifiers connect to the existing framework of vents and returns in your home. Contaminated air is pulled in to be filtered, and the clean air is pushed back into your home.

As a part of our air purifier services, a technician from Aloha Air will inspect your current ductwork. They will make recommendations to ensure your HVAC system and air purifier will work as efficiently as possible after it is installed.

Signs It’s Time to Install an Air Purification System

Some signs and symptoms can indicate poor indoor air quality. If you have any or several of the following, it may be time to contact Aloha Air Conditioning and Heating Services. Signs and symptoms of poor indoor quality include:

  • Coughing
  • Headache
  • Watery eyes or a runny nose
  • Fatigue


You may also notice consistent upper respiratory congestion.

Choosing the Best Air Purifier

There are a wide variety of air purification systems available on the market today. Every home has different needs, and the air purifier installed should meet those needs. Common types of air purification systems include:

  • Filter systems 
  • Duct systems 
  • Stand-alone system


Choosing which type of system for your home can seem like an overwhelming task, but with the help of trained professionals, it becomes easier.

An HVAC professional from our Aloha Air team can discuss your options with you and help you select the best system for your home and family. We will provide air purifier services and products that you can trust.

Additional Air Purifier Services

Installing an air purifier is only one step toward improving the indoor air quality of your home. Another air purifier service that will benefit your family is air duct cleaning. The bacteria and pollutants that linger in the air start out in your ductwork. If the air circulates through dirty ducts, that dirt will be pushed into the air you will eventually breathe.

Regular air duct cleaning will not only improve the quality of your air, but it will help your HVAC system work more efficiently. As it cycles through the seasons, your house will heat and cool faster, making your home more energy-efficient and lowering the cost of your energy bills. At Aloha Air, our trained technicians will inspect your air ducts and determine the best course of action. They will recommend the cleaning services that will most benefit your home, even if that is nothing at all.

Why Choose Aloha Air for Air Purifier Services?

With over 40 years of experience, including air purifier services, Aloha Air has been the local HVAC team residents of Memphis can count on. Our services go beyond simple repairs and replacements. Our air purifier services will improve the quality of the air you breathe, which will ultimately lead to a better quality of life.

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