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Memphis, TN Heating Services

Heating Repair and Installation

If your furnace or heat pump isn’t working properly, call in the experienced specialists at Aloha Air Memphis today.

We service all equipment makes and models. Call Aloha Air Memphis TODAY at 901-574-7546 for same-day or 24/7 emergency heater service.

Common Furnace Problems

  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Air filters clogged or dirty
  • Furnace heats unevenly or intermittently
  • Inefficient furnace operation causes higher than normal power bills
  • Furnace overheating
  • Pilot light going out
  • Furnace making odd or unusual noises
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Possible carbon monoxide leaks

Common Heat Pump Problems

  • Ice or frost on heat pump that doesn’t melt or gets thicker
  • Indoor or outdoor heat pump components making strange noises
  • Uneven or inconsistent heat

If your furnace or heat pump is showing any of these symptoms, call for heating repair service as soon as possible. Often, the problem is something small and can be easily corrected. However, if you continue to operate the furnace or heat pump when it’s showing signs of trouble, you can damage the entire system and be faced with a costly heating repair bill.