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A/C Services in Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN Air Conditioning Repair and New AC Systems

AC Repair

When your air conditioning system breaks down, you’ll appreciate the helpful and friendly staff at Aloha Air. Our experienced and highly skilled professionals work with all models of cooling systems. We can fix any AC issue that may arise and you won’t wait for repair, as we offer 24-hour emergency repair service in Memphis and portions of Northwest Mississippi. Our fully stocked trucks can be dispatched at any time to get your system operating quickly.

  • All our air conditioning repair services feature:
  • Clear, upfront pricing, every customer knows the total price before we start service
  • Repair cost are based on each individual job, not per hour
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

If your air conditioning system should break down, or begins to run poorly, it is very important to know a company that you can trust every time to perform the cooling repair services you need.

Keep your cool with Aloha Air – call us TODAY at (901) 574-7546!

AC Replacement

At Aloha Air in Memphis, TN we plan and install your new air conditioning system based on scientific calculation and testing. Only a small number of companies have the capability to take the time, invest the resources, and have the know-how to design and install your new home comfort system based on facts.

Without scientific testing, contractors are only guessing at the necessary size of the unit to put in, the amount of air duct leakage that should be accounted for, how much air is required in each room, humidity control, and how to manage air filtration. Using facts to design and install your new air conditioning system will provide that you get the best value for your investment and that you and your family will be safe and comfortable.

It is a big investment to buy a new, highly efficient air conditioning system.  It tends to be a decision that you make based on the expertise and experience of a contractor you’ve known for only a short time. To protect your investment, you need to choose a contractor that installs a system based on Science, Facts, and Testing.  The installation of today’s highly efficient equipment that is new and improved is no longer based on the rules of thumb of the past. Outdated experience is not acceptable.

At Aloha Air, we guarantee to lay out and install your new cooling unit based on the individual aspects of your home. By carrying out what you expect and is appropriate to your needs, we guarantee your system will deliver optimal comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind.

Trust our 100% Money Back Guarantee – A written, money back guarantee that your newly purchased system is designed and installed properly based on scientific facts.

Not quite sure you need to replace your old AC system?

It’s true that older, less efficient cooling systems were designed to turn on and off as the temperature on the thermostat dictated — that’s what they do.   The highly advanced systems of today; however, can give homeowners choices such as:

  • Units that are up to 95% efficient
  • Systems that have speed settings — low, medium, and high — for outstanding temperature control and energy savings
  • Units that are environmentally-conscious  
  • Systems that can filter up to 99.98% of the breathable air in your home  

To reap the benefits from these new technological advances, a homeowner needs to select a reliable and experienced contractor that is well aware that up to 50% of your new system’s efficiency and comfort will come from design and installation based on hard science, data, and assessment.  Schedule a free, no obligation estimate now with our professionals at Aloha Air Memphis.  

AC Tune-Ups & Maintenance

Would you ever drive your car 100,000 miles without an oil change?  Of course not!  The same logic applies to your home cooling system. Believe it or not, the amount of time that the average air conditioning system runs in a year equates to approximately 100,000 miles on your vehicle!

Despite this, the large majority of Memphis area homeowners neglect to get their systems serviced. This oversight can cause high utility bills, expensive malfunctions, unsatisfactory cooling performance, and potential safety issues.

Tune-up Your AC Today – Call Aloha Air at (901) 574-7546!

All our preventative maintenance and AC tune-up services feature:

  • Clear, Upfront Pricing
  • Priority Service
  • Fewer System Malfunctions (Peace of Mind)
  • Higher Efficiency (Lower Bills)
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality